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To support all our activities and to comply with today’s safety standards, our engineers can offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to: Feasibility study, Method Statement, Sea Fastening and Grillage calculation, design and fabrication, Road survey, Operation Procedure, Oversized and Heavy list cargo transportation configuration drawings, lifting and handling procedure.


Heavy lifting

With cranes up to 1,000 Tons capacity and customized gantry systems, Dextra Transport will produce safe lifting configurations.


Using barge, self-propelled barge, geared vessel, semi-submersible vessel, our marine services will charter adequate vessel to execute sea voyage.

Land transport

From conventional transport equipment such as flat bed or low bed trailer to hydraulic equipment such as Self-Propelled Modular Trailer (SPMT), Dextra Transport will arrange land transport along with lashing calculation, escort, permits and supervisors.


When tight delivery windows are required, Dextra Transport deals with time to deliver efficient and fastest flight routes from/to anywhere in the world. A wide range of charter aircrafts can be mobilized as per your project needs.



Specialist in heavy cargo

For ultra-heavy cargo, which is common in the oil & gas industry such as jackets, offshore platforms, FPSO Modules, Dextra Transport provides its customers a complete package from weighting, Transport, Mooring, Ballasting, Load out onto barges, Sea Fastening and Sea Transport.

To support such activities, our Engineering Department will supply a comprehensive Method Statement, which includes the documentation required by International Marine Warranty Surveyor Standard.

Scope of services

  • Weighing and/or Transport Procedure.
  • Transport Drawings and stability calculation.
  • Ground Bearing Pressure.
  • Quay Strength Analysis.
  • Barge Layout drawings and load out sequences.
  • Load out procedure and drawings.
  • Barge Motion and acceleration analysis.
  • Stress analysis on barge/vessel deck, access ramp etc.
  • Risk assessments.
  • All supporting documents for the equipment used such as certificates, maintenance record, personal qualification, etc..



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